Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things to expect this summer

Hello everyone (and by everyone I of course mean no one since no one ever reads this),

Even though I am graduating in just over a week now, I wanted to inform you of some things to expect from my blog this summer. I intend to keep writing and questioning so that my mind does not dull over the summer and that I will be prepared for the beginning of graduate school in the fall. I will endeavor to write at least every week so as to maintain some regularity. So here are a list of topics that I know I will be addressing with more to come.

- What is Education?
- Hypertext and Linearity in a Text
- The Nature of Nationalism
- Words as the Basic Unit of Meaning
- Created Identities
- Interactions Between Technology and Culture

For those of you more interested in my short bursts of random wisdom you may be more inclined to follow me on Twitter than to read this but this is just a brief overview of what to expect this summer. This is what I had originally intended this blog to be and hope that I will be able to actualize that goal.

As always, I am sincerely yours

- The Apprentice Philosopher